According to recent changes in the Energy Law, starting January 1 of the upcoming year, EVN Home, the main electricity provider, must use the same pricing system as directed by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). President of the ERC, Marko Bislimoski, confirmed this adjustment for the regulated market.

Under this process, EVN Home calculates prices based on ERC guidelines, submitting them for approval. The final approved prices will then be published by EVN Home in the Official Gazette, a new approach aligned with European standards.

Bislimoski emphasized ERC’s oversight for at least five years to ensure stable prices for households during the country’s transition to a fully liberalized electricity market. Meanwhile, ERC will retain authority over network fees and energy transmission in the regulated market.

He clarified that block tariffs for different consumption levels won’t change, despite suggestions from the IMF to modify them for consumption encouragement. Additionally, EVN Home’s current license expires in June 2024, with plans underway for a new supplier selection process, expected to conclude by March.