Mden 800 million (EUR 13 million) has been allocated for 129 new projects in municipalities and planning regions through the Regional Development Programme. This funding aims to enhance local infrastructure, build preschools, purchase urban equipment, and improve citizens’ quality of life.

Deputy PM Fatmir Bytyqi highlighted the goal of reducing socio-economic disparities and rural-urban divides. The allocation decision reflects an inverse proportion to development, prioritizing the most underdeveloped areas.

Mden 440 million (EUR 7 million) supports 29 regional projects, including waste management and tourism infrastructure in the Northeast. Additional funds are distributed across regions for various development initiatives.

Another Mden 360 million (EUR 6 million) supports 100 local projects across all municipalities to bridge urban-rural gaps. Mden 120 million (EUR 2 million) is designated for 39 rural projects for communal infrastructure, waste management, and more.

EUR 2 million is allocated for 29 urban projects across planning regions, focusing on urban development initiatives. Specific needs of communities are addressed with Mden 120 million for 32 projects, encompassing cultural protection and environmental initiatives.

Minister Risto Penov assured strict control over fund utilization to ensure transparency and project monitoring. The Programme aids diverse projects, from infrastructure to cultural and social aspects, fostering substantial developments across regions since 2021. Activities are underway to enable municipalities to effectively apply for UNDP Programme projects.