On Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi, expressed confidence that the prices of food products have normalized following the conclusion of the Government’s “guaranteed price” initiative. Some companies have pledged to maintain these capped prices until May 15. Bytyqi emphasized that the upcoming discussion in Parliament regarding a law to prohibit unfair trade practices will offer a systematic solution to such issues.

“I believe that stability has been restored. The initial reactions from business owners last week were highly positive and promising. They have committed to retaining the capped prices until May 15 as a demonstration of their social responsibility. It’s heartening to see that, despite the challenges of recent times, businesses understand the importance of social responsibility and refrain from exerting pressure on consumers when there are no disruptions in the value chain or supply chain,” remarked Bytyqi in response to a journalist’s inquiry.

Bytyqi highlighted the significance of the forthcoming legislation, stating, “This law provides a systemic solution, unprecedented in our country and even in Europe. It aligns with EU directives and signifies progress towards European integration. Solutions of this nature underscore the advantages of our EU integration.”

The Deputy PM noted that the State Market Inspectorate is actively conducting inspections and monitoring the situation. Any violations of legal provisions will be addressed accordingly, with two supermarkets already facing fines.

“In challenging times, the Government is prepared to implement measures, even if they deviate from market economy principles. However, now that we’ve learned valuable lessons, it’s time to collectively combat crisis-related phenomena and conduct business and policy-making in a manner befitting a European nation,” Bytyqi concluded.