The Parliament passed the Law on Unfair Commercial Practices in the agricultural and food supply chain, aiming to regulate trade practices and potentially lower product prices. This legislation, which addresses 26 unfair practices, marks a first for the country and seeks to prevent economic imbalances and unjust fees that inflate retail prices at consumers’ expense.

Macedonia stands out as the sole Western Balkan country to adopt the EU’s Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. The law is expected to benefit businesses across the agricultural and food supply chain, fostering efficiency and stricter oversight by empowering the Commission for Protection of Competition.

Furthermore, the law imposes limits on market rebates, particularly restricting discounts on specified products to 10 percent. This move encourages competition among supermarket chains and is anticipated to contribute to price reduction.

Collaboration with the European Commission and member states will enhance the identification and enforcement of unfair commercial practices, facilitating the exchange of information and expertise to tackle cross-border issues effectively.