MP Pancho Minov said that the protocol of attendance should be changed and the president of the main opposition party, Hristijan Mickoski, should have been invited to attend the inauguration of Stevo Pendarovski.

MP Pavle Bogoeski, also referring to the inauguration of President Stevo Pendarovski  on TV 24 show concluded that the protocol of attendance for this event should be changed, because in the very speech the president spoke with a special emphasis on the opposition and the uniting component in the context on the opposition and agreed with MP Pancho Minov that the protocol should be changed.

I think that some people should be removed from the list and some other people be placed instead, which would be more appropriate to attend such an event.

He says that regarding the Prime Minister’s not attending the inauguration, he said he would not comment much. He thinks that there are justified reasons, but believes that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should have attended the inauguration.