There is no change in the Bulgarian position on the European integration of Macedonia, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Teodora Gencovska told BNT.

Nobody from the team of the Ministry in all its talks, meetings with European partners, with ambassadors of other EU or NATO member states, no one has abandoned that position and no commitments have been made, which are tied to deadlines, said the minister.

The questions whether the Bulgarian position has changed arose from the statement of the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who had a meeting with Gencovska, in which, among other things, she said that EU’s responsibility is to start membership negotiations with Albania and Macedonia.

Gencovska assessed the interpretation of Baerbock’s statement as an interpretation of the media. The Minister has a transcript of the conversation, as she has from all the meetings held by the team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I would say it is misinformation or some speculation. No engagements have been accepted by the Bulgarian side regarding the start of the negotiation process with Macedonia, said Gencovska.