The member of the Judicial Council of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Gerasimoski, has submitted his irrevocable resignation from the position of acting director of the Academy for judges and public prosecutors.

Gerasimovski, announced this at the beginning of today’s session of the Judicial Council, whose agenda includes the election of the president of the Judicial Council and is exempted from voting for the election of a new president.

I was unanimously elected an acting director of the Academy, until the election of the director, which will take place on Wednesday, in order not to stop things at the Academy. According to the instructions of the Anti-Corruption Commission that there is a conflict of interest with my election, today I submitted my irrevocable resignation from the position, said Gerasimoski.

In order not to damage the reputation of the position, Gerasimoski indicated that the resignation is irrevocable.

A few days ago, Pavlina Crvenkovska also resigned from the position of president of the Judicial Council.