Criticism of the Government over its amnesty law coming from former Colored Revolution activists continues. LGBT rights Irena Cvetkovic, who was a constant feature at the protests against the 2016 pardon, wrote an exasperated comment announcing she gives up the fight for justice.

– People keep asking: Where are you now Colored Revolutionaries? We are here, tired and disappointed. Still here in fyrom, broken and nursing our traumas. We spent 10 years of our lives on the streets and squares, protesting, fighting and dreaming for a change. We lost our time, nerves, health, some of us lost jobs, friends, family members. We fought for abortion rights, for human rights, for the autonomy of the university, against police brutality. We brought down the Government and got a new one. We know it is not nearly as good as we hoped it will be. Don’t expect us to fight out this battle too. We have no spare lives to go down the same road for another decade. Don’t call me to protest any more. I’m turned, burnt out, disappointed, wrote Cvetkovic.

The Colored Revolution staged angry and often violent protests in 2016, when President Gjorge Ivanov wanted to put an end to the political crisis and the politically driven criminal charges by giving amnesty to several dozens politicians from all political parties. This move was strongly denounced by the US, EU, the SDSM party and its fellow left wing protesters and many media outlets. Now, the amnesty tailor made for the members of Parliament whose votes the ruling SDSM party needs to complete the name change of Macedonia into North Macedonia was adopted without any street protests by the formed Colored Revolution activists, only some of whom wrote resentful comments on their social media accounts.