The latest construction supervision report, covering the period from November 1 to December 31, 2023, reveals significant progress in the development of Corridor VIII and X-d motorway sections. As of this period, 58 percent of the expropriation design and 33 percent of the geotechnical investigation works have been successfully completed.

The report, available on the Public Enterprise for State Roads website, outlines the contractor’s achievements in expropriation design, geotechnical investigations, and preliminary activities, specifically for the Tetovo-Gostivar-Bukojchani, Trebenishta-Struga-Kjafasan sections of Corridor VIII, and the Prilep-Bitola section of Corridor X-d.

Financial transactions between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Public Enterprise for State Roads, part of the road infrastructure financing program, are also detailed in the report. Notably, in November, a transaction of Mden 223.596.680 was executed. December witnessed multiple payouts: Mden 245.606.294 on December 5, two transactions of Mden 669.225.176 and Mden 261.862.793 on December 28, and a transaction of Mden 1.695.871.044 on December 29.

For the entire year 2023, Mden 15 billion were earmarked for the road infrastructure financing program. Encouragingly, the Transport Ministry allocated Mden 15.1 billion for the project during the same period.

The contract with the U.S.-Turkish consortium Bechtel-Enka, appointed as the project’s contractor, was officially signed in March 2023. The report reflects the commitment and steady progress in achieving the milestones set for the construction of these critical motorway sections.