Greece strongly supports Macedonia and the entire Western Balkans on its path to the European Union. Greece is and can be your best friend and collaborator. The choice you have made to stand by us, to walk the path to the great European family is the right choice for the benefit of your people. The implementation of the Prespa Agreement should continue, which is the basis for improving mutual relations and the country’s accession to the European family, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, who is visiting the country.

Greece, he said, is satisfied with what has been done so far to implement this agreement.

Many recent steps have been taken, one of which is the removal of the sign in front of the building in which we are located, placed during other times and represented King Philip, the father of Alexander the Great, because we agreed together that your ancestors had not yet arrived in the Balkans and they did not have the opportunity to fight under Alexander the Great in the depths of Asia, the name of the Archaeological Museum has been changed and the signs at the border crossings have been changed, Dendias said.

He believes that our country should invest in the young population who will be given the necessary tools to see our common future, and not to look to the past. The Greek Foreign Minister also stressed that clarifications on the agreement that are wrong and hinder its implementation should be prevented.

Our opportunities and our future are great, Dendias said, adding that Greece is convinced that the country has made a choice to be by its side and to walk firmly on the path to the great European family. There, he stressed, Greece has been continuously making efforts for the EU path of the countries of the Western Balkans since 2003, which, as he stressed, must never again become a powder keg in Europe.

At Tuesday’s press conference with his counterpart Bujar Osmani, he said that their meeting focused on these topics, but also the cooperation in the economy, infrastructure… Greek investors, he said, have 1 billion euros of investments in Macedonia, that provide 20,000 jobs, and during the pandemic, the mutual trade exchange amounted to around 800 million euros.