The opposition has the position it has on the constitutional amendments and is against the inclusion of the Bulgarian minority in the preamble of the Constitution, we can only discuss and convince ourselves. If it is true, if it is real what they declare that the very content of the request is not disputed and cannot destabilize the country and if it is true that they really want European integration, then I believe that they should change their position and vote for the constitutional amendments. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next year, in two years they will be in a democracy, there is a change of government every time, they will be in power and they will demand the same from tomorrow’s opposition. Why wouldn’t we finish it now if we all agree for 30 years that we have an absolute consensus for membership in the EU. I have not heard a different position from the largest opposition party. I think we should finish it. It is in the interest of the state and the people. It doesn’t matter who is in power.

This is the position of President Stevo Pendarovski on the debate that is being conducted on constitutional amendments. With this statement, he seems to be hinting that VMRO-DPMNE will be the future government in Macedonia, so he demands that this issue be resolved as quickly as possible.

The president is confident that if the negotiation process with the EU is not based predominantly on history, if it is based on real European criteria and values, we will complete those negotiations in record time.

I assure you, because I know the level of readiness of my country in terms of European integration – we have been preparing for these negotiations for 17 years, that is the longest period of preparations of any country in the history of the EU, Pendarovski assessed. We are the best-prepared candidate for membership in the history of the EU. The teams for each chapter were made a decade and a half ago, said Pendarovski.