How did the violence in Skopje’s Shutka prison happen today? Who allowed members of the Kumanovo group related to the Divo Naselje case to have contact with detainees who were ministers at the time they were detained for the incident when many police officers were killed ?! Weren’t many warnings and messages sent that former officials should not be in contact with suspects of crimes that took place while they were part of the government?! Mile Janakieski, former Minister of Transport and Communications, and Spiro Ristovski, former Minister of Labor and Social Policy and former Minister of Education were attacked today by a member of the Kumanovo group with initials E.K. Mile Janakieski ended in a city hospital, while it is not yet known whether Ristovski received medical treatment in the prison emergency department, or he was taken to some of the city clinics.

Janakieski has sustained broken bones and was kept in hospital. Ristovski was hit on the head and suffered cuts.

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his address late Wednesday after the arrest of Ristovski, Janakieski and Trajko Veljanoski sent a message to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev:

You can order arrests, murders, but you know we will not be scared and we will defeat you. SDS knows that it falls and wants to bring fear, to demoralize VMRO-DPMNE and its citizens, they want people to talk about detention, arrests, but not about the vaccines that kill, about Filipce’s healthcare that kills, the failure of Spasovski that kills, about Koco and Tevdovski who ruthlessly impoverished the people, about the tenders and making your brother Vice Zaev rich, your cousin Trajce, about farmers and pensioners, said Mickoski.

And the former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who sought asylum in Hungary due to political persecution in the country, indicated that he received information that someone was planning his liquidation in prison. He said:

Initially, I intended to go to jail despite the crazy judgments with no legal basis. But I received information that someone was planning my liquidation in prison. Then I changed my decision. I received the information from people who are well informed inside the prison. I cannot say publicly who is behind this plot because I cannot prove it at the moment. I decided to leave Macedonia afterwards. I chose Hungary because I estimated that it was a NATO member state, the EU, a country that has independent institutions, Gruevski said in an interview with TV Sitel.

For now, the institutions are silent. The Skopje Prison Director said he would issue a statement, not wanting to comment further. Silence from Justice Minister Renata Deskovska. She does not answer phone calls. A spokesman for the ministry pointed to the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions, which, in turn, is not responsible for the detention unit of the prison. Still no comment from the court that ordered the detention too. Will somebody explain who and why permitted such an incident ?!

Lider, citing Shutka prison sources, reported that the attackers had boasted that they attacked Janakieski in order to do a favor to Zaev.

This is for Zaev and from Zaev, shouted one of the attckers, Lider’s source from the Shutka prison unofficially briefed.

Was the government really unaware that the lives of the former officials who share the same premises with the suspects of the Divo Naselje case were at risk ?! Did the government consciously put them at risk ?! Did the government order today’s incident ?! These and many other questions deserve an answer.