VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said that the persecution of former Transportation Minister Mile Janakiesk is a “complete injustice” and an attempt by the Government to shift focus away from its numerous corruption scandals. Janakieski was ordered into prison yesterday, after four years and eight months into house arrest, and after he was attacked in prison during an earlier detention in 2019.

If we want to see real justice, police should come during a Government session and bring them all to Idrizovo. What is happening to Mile Janakieski is not justice, but complete injustice. The criminal DUI – SDSM Government needs something to shift attention oaway from their own crimes and corruption and again they go after Mile. Mile is a brave man, he has my full support, he will endure this torture of himself and his family. They are doing it to him, they are doing it to the people from April 27th, and they will have to be held responsible for all the injustices they have done, Mickoski said.