Macedonian diplomacy has been hijacked by DUI. The latest request by the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Mala Recica, Bujar Osmani, that he will propose that Macedonia withdraw from the Open Balkans initiative scared our citizens who saw an opportunity to find work in Serbia or Albania.According to official data, 2,200 people registered in the last month within the framework of free access to the labor market.

“Free access to the labor market” is the biggest benefit of the “Open Balkans”. It has been announced that by the beginning of the summer as many as 10,000 workers will work in the three countries without any obstacles. Osmani wants to destroy all this.The reason why Osmani wants Macedonia to leave the “Open Balkans” is more than obvious. It hurts him that Kosovo is not there and Serbia has the leadership role. Macedonia is the least he cares about.

The next step that can be expected from DUI’s diplomacy today within the framework of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is to support Kosovo becoming a member. This is contrary to all international legal norms because Kosovo is not a member of the United Nations and according to the Constitution of Serbia, which is a permanent member of the Council of Europe, Kosovo is an integral part of them. And as a cover for the behavior of the Ottomans is the announcement that Macedonia will be a promoter in the United Nations to pass a Resolution for Srebrenica according to which the Serbs will be declared a genocidal nation. Osmani probably does not know or pretends not to know the definition of genocide and that it is the systematic destruction of a people or a nation. That was certainly not the case in Srebrenica, where there was a war in which people were dying and killing each other on both sides.

After all, his party, while it was called UCHK or ONA, was part of a war, or a conflict, whatever you want to call it. Bujare people were killed in Macedonia as well.