“Drive carefully – this road is dangerous for your life.” Signs with such an description should be hung on almost all roads throughout Macedonia, with the exception of Demir Kapija-Smokvica and Miladinovci-Stip.

We can see that most of our roads are dangerous if we go from Skopje to Ohrid or to Veles and Bitola. These roads can be called anything but a highway.

As soon as you leave Skopje before Katlanovo the road is built in one direction and only God knows when it will be completed. The traffic is diverted to the other lane and so on until before the tunnel.

The real temptation starts when you get off the highway leading to Negotino and start the adventure called Gradsko-Prilep. The new expressway is nowhere to be found and on top of that the existing section is destroyed and unsafe.

From the village of Radobil until the Pletvar pass, the road poles look like they were placed by a drunk man.

The poles are set up in no particular order and at a short distance, so hardly a car, let alone a truck or bus, can pass through them.