Ejup Alimi, member of Parliament from the ruling DUI party, allegedly threatened prosecutor Gavril Bubevski with assault, over one of the rare investigations the Special Prosecutor’s Office is conducting against DUI.

This was revealed during an exchange in court when Bubevski asked Mefail Arslani, Alimi’s lawyer, about the threats. Fatime Fetai, another Special Prosecutor, who like Arslani and Alimi is ethnic Albanian, specified the threat. She was allegedly told Arslani that Alimi’s message is that she, as an Albanian, may save herself, but they will make the “kaur” family weep. Kaur is a derogatory term Albanians use for non-Muslims.

Alimi stayed quiet during the exchange and Arslani denied ever delivering such a threat.

Most of the SPO cases are aimed against VMRO-DPMNE offials and party members. Only a few cases touch on DUI. In this case, Alimi and Ismet Guri are charged of election day violations.