Law professor Tanja Karakamiseva, who is one of the most prominent critics of the Government for which he received a late night police visit to her home, says that the Venice Commission, where she is the Macedonian representative, rebuked the Macedonian Government for its actions.

I was informed that the Secretary General of the Venice Commission informed the Government that exerting pressure on its representative IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and that this letter was already delivered to the offices of Zaev and Osmani, Karakamiseva said, refering to the Prime Minister and his deputy for European Affairs Bujar Osmani.

At the heart of the dispute is the law on the use of languages, which makes the Albanian the second official language in use in Macedonia, in violation of the Constitution. The Venice Commission is expected to examine the law and determine whether it meets European standards. Meanwhile, a dispute erupted between the ruling SDSM and DUI parties over whether the entire law, or only portions of it were sent to the Commission.

Osmani initially said that the law will not be sent to Venice as long as Karakamiseva is a member of the Commission. This prompted the rebuke from Venice. Today he denied receiving the letter and went on to call Karakamiseva “not worthy” of the position.

This just shows to what extent his power has deluded him, but also his personal lack of manners, responded professor Karakamiseva.