Talking to reporters prior to his Friday meeting with the VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Special WEnvoy to Balkan, Gabriel Escobar, said that he won’t subject anyone to torture.

Mickoski on Thursday said that after failing to deliver what they promised, the government representatives beg the international community to come to Skopje and impose torture over VMRO-DPMNE to force its 44 MPs to vote for the constitutional amendments.

“I won’t subject anyone to torture. I want to make it clear that the USA doesn’t elect governments in the NATO member countries, but we set expectations and I would like to reiterate the same message I have been delivering all around this region: the USA considers those countries which are dedicated to the EU integrations, NATO, and the fight against corruption,  as natural partners. I also intend to have an open and sincere exchange of views and positions. I hope we will have much more to tell the public after the meeting”, Escobar stated.