Kovachevski and SDS don’t stand for the EU but for crime, corruption, and theft. With Kovchevski and SDS, Macedonia is ever further from the EU. While they are talking about integration, they are conducting crimes and corruption, when they are talking about reforms, they put the judicial system completely into the political claws, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva said on Friday.

“While they falsely present themselves as some “European front”, the inflation in Macedonia is among the highest in Europe, and the prices of food are rising daily. Only in the last few weeks, the prices went up sevenfold for some products. With SDS, Macedonia has the highest state budget ever, but the poorest citizens. The country’s debt reached €8 billion, which is almost double the amount before SDS came to power. SDS indebted Macedonia for an additional €3.7 billion, but there is not even one large capital investment, the citizens have to organize themselves via SMS to collect money for treatment abroad, while the ones afflicted by rare diseases beg for therapy, also abroad”, Miteva added.

For six years, Miteva continued, Macedonia is getting ever further from the EU. Each month spent with SDS and DUI in power gets Macedonia even further from the Union. That is why Macedonia needs early elections, Miteva concluded.