The Alliance for Albanians, led by Arben Taravari, joined forces with the parties of the European Alliance for Change coalition, including the Democratic Movement, BESA Movement, and Alternativa. This unification was formalized through the signing of a declaration on Saturday in Skopje, strategically timed ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

The declaration, signed by key leaders Arben Taravari (AA), Izet Mexhiti (Democratic Movement), Afrim Gashi (Alternativa), and Bilal Kasami (BESA Movement), underscores the collective effort to establish the groundwork for a new era among Albanian parties within Macedonia.

Arben Taravari is designated as the joint candidate for the presidential elections by the four collaborating parties.

In a joint statement, the leaders emphasized the historical significance of the occasion, coinciding with Kosovo’s Independence Day. They articulated their commitment to a unified platform that encompasses diverse social entities and stakeholders, all sharing the belief that the time is ripe for a substantial political transformation in the country.

Izet Mexhiti, representing the Democratic Movement, conveyed the message: “Today, by signing this declaration, on this day when we also mark the independence of Kosovo, we are laying the foundations for a new era among Albanian parties in the Republic of North Macedonia. This declaration represents a unified platform encompassing all social entities and stakeholders who believe that the time has come for a major political change in the country. Today, from this large gathering, we call upon everyone, regardless of age – youth, undecided individuals, those in despair, activists, and analysts – to join the forthcoming change.”

Bilal Kasami, leader of BESA Movement, highlighted the significance of the Alliance for Albanians’ participation in the coalition, emphasizing the determination, revolutionary spirit, and will for change of the Albanian people. “Be assured that your decision to be part of this process is valuable,” Kasami affirmed.