A poll conducted by the IPIS institute for Sitel TV’s Detektor show revealed that a majority of citizens believe that NATO membership, while generally a good thing, won’t help Macedonia join the European Union.

The poll showed that 57.5 percent of citizens believe that NATO membership is a good decision, while 27.9 percent disagree. The ethnic breakdown shows the Macedonians divided, with 48.9 believing that joining NATO was a good move, and 33.6 percent disagree. Among ethnic Albanians, 85.1 percent think that NATO membership is a good decision. The poll showed significant reduction in optimism that EU membership will follow and will be supported by Macedonia’s NATO membership.

Macedonians are also divided on the question whether holding the presidency over OSCE is good for the country – 36.1 percent think so, but 35.3 percent disagree.