The Foreign Ministers of Austria, Czechia and Slovakia, Alexander Schellenberg, Jan Lipavsky and Miroslav Vlahovski, tried yesterday to assure Macedonia that the concessions toward Bulgaria will be the last assault on the Macedonian national identity before the country is finally allowed to open EU accessions and ultimately join the EU.

The Ministers, coming to Skopje as part of an international pressure campaign, insisted that they are bringing a message from EU diplomacy chief Josep Borell that the EU is receiving the message from Macedonia that the country is angry with the lack of progress.

We are not here to interfere in your internal affairs or to moralize. The solution must come from Skopje. The path is worth it. We can hardly wait to see you language, culture and history as part of the EU, the ministers insisted.

In response, VMRO-DPMNE, which is pressured by the international diplomats to change its position on the Bulgarian demands, said that the only thing left to talk with the Government, which started this process without consulting with the opposition and without having the required majority to amend the Constitution, is how to organize early elections. Additional such visits to Skopje are planned in the coming days.