VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski warned that the nationalist Levica party is – willingly or not – working for the ruling SDSM party. Levica continuously tries to attack VMRO from the right, and recently Dimitar Apasiev’s party called on the voters to deny VMRO an outright majority in Parliament.

This is the only opposition party that does not want the opposition to win the next elections. If VMRO does not win 61 votes in Parliament, and SDS can’t win as much, then the only winner will be the DUI party. With their actions, Levica works directly to the benefit of DUI, DUI will again hold all the cards, Nikoloski said.

In an interview, Nikoloski called on all citizens who want to see a change in power, to vote for VMRO, because any other opposition option means that their vote is wasted. “The Macedonian people will make the right choice. The citizens are aware that casting a vote for a smaller party means maintaining DUI’s influence over Macedonian politics and keeping SDS and DUI in power. We saw this happen in the 2020 elections, when the smaller parties had 50,000 votes, and the difference between SDS/BESA and VMRO was just 12,000 votes. If these votes weren’t wasted, today we woud not be facing Bulgarization of Macedonia and pressures to change our Constitution”, Nikoloski added.