A comment from actress Vesna Petrusevska, condemning the latest example of giving public jobs to the children of politically plugged officials, went viral online. Petrusevska reacted after Emilija Aleksandrova, member of Parliament from VMRO-DPMNE who broke her publicly made promise to vote against renaming Macedonia and joined with SDSM, had her daughter Sara hired at the much criticized Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, an institution which itself is best known for giving money to companies close to the ruling SDSM party under the guise of implementing questionable “innovations”.

Let’s get this straight. You are members of Parliament, paid by us, the people. You don’t have the right or the privilege to have your children employed in the public service. I try to teach my students in my acting school that applause is earned with hard work and dedication. What am I supposed to tell them now? You’re not special, except for your greed and incompetence! Shame on you! I work with mothers who have children with special needs who live on the edge of poverty, I myself take a million jobs to survive and I try to teach my children to go through life by themselves and fight for what they need, Petrusevska wrote.

Да се разбереме , вие не сте јавни личности туку сте пратеници кои земате плата од нас,народот.Не дечки не сте…

Gepostet von Vesn Bejbimama Petrusevska am Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

Aleksandrova’s example is the latest in the line of recent scandals in which Government officials had their children hired in plush public jobs or diverted public contracts to NGO groups or companies of their spouses or “informal spouses“. Her example is especially jarring given how she and the eight other members of Parliament elected on the VMRO-DPMNE ticket and initially opposed to renaming the country, negotiated amnesties and/or large public contracts for themselves in exchange for their votes. Only days before voting in favor of renaming the country, Aleksandrova gave impassioned speeches in the Parliament and on her social media accounts promising she will never vote to rename Macedonia.