Another apparently politically motivated public contract was awarded by the Zaev Government. The Public Roads utility company hired the JA-MI company from Kavadarci for snow clean up work in a contract worth 16.3 million denars (250.000 EUR).

As commentator Aleksandar Pandov revealed, JA-MI is a company tied to Kavadarci mayor Mitko Jancev, whose initials it carries.

While Macedonia is bleeding and is down on its knees, Zaev and company are working overtime to pump out as much money as they can and divide it among their companions. We saw evidence that the vote expected today in Parliament is influenced not only by blackmails, but also by financial handouts. We saw the public contracts given to Krsto (Mukoski) and we now see that Zaev’s great friend, promotor and great European Mite Limunada was rewarded with 16 million denars, through a company owned by his sister. Good work brother, wrote Pandov.

Jancev was elected on the VMRO-DPMNE ticket, the only mayor of a major city this party won in the 2017 elections. But, he soon began to split from the party, supported voting in the September 30th referendum to rename Macedonia and is now promoting a faction of former VMRO-DPMNE officials. It was reported that Jancev is trying to influence member of Parliament Panco Minov from Kavadarci to vote in favor of the amendments to rename Macedonia at the session beginning today and, according to Pandov, this financial payout could be part of the deal.

Krsto Mukoski, another former VMRO-DPMNE official who supported the opening of the process to rename Macedonia, also got public contracts worth hundreds of thousands of euros all the while negotiating an amnesty for the criminal charges filed against him and other members of Parliament by Zaev’s Government.