Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov accused Macedonia of anti-Bulgarian positions, because it rejects that it’s majority people are Bulgarians.

Macedonia is the only country whose coat of arms, anthem and Constitution continue to be led by the Comintern and Tito. They are refusing to have a normal, human relationship with Bulgaria. On both sides of the border there is the same people, who speaks Bulgarian despite all attempts over the past 73 years to make it look like they are something else, Karakacanov said.

Bulgaria insisted that Macedonia signs a “friendship treaty” which gives Bulgaria the right to amend Macedonian history books and to decide which historic figures and events will be considered “shared”. Bulgaria largely rejects that there is a Macedonian nation or language separate from the Bulgarian and after the treaty was signed, top Bulgarian politicians informed Zoran Zaev that they will invoke the articles under which Bulgaria will stop Macedonia’s entry to the EU unless he stops talking about a “Macedonian nation or language”

Karakacanov also noted the growing nationalist rhetoric from Albanian parties in Macedonia which, he said, are attempting to establish the Albanian language as a second official language in Macedonia.