The Patriotic Institute of VMRO-DPMNE held an event today to mark the 116 anniversary of the battle in which famous VMRO voyvoda Hristo Uzunov was killed, fighting Ottoman forces in the village of Cer near Kicevo. The fighters committed suicide as they were about to run out of ammunition in the battle against outstanding odds, after being betrayed to the imperial forces.

Today we again have many traitors and we are ruled by what is likely the worst of them all. Because of him, we lost our dignity, he changed our name and now wants to change our language and history, Pandov said.

He urged the public to respond to the attacks on Macedonia by turning out for the large protest planned for tomorrow. The rally in downtown Skopje is held to demand the release of the protesters and police officials sentenced in the April 27th trial staged by the Zaev regime.