The scandalous contract to award 1.8 million EUR to a construction company linked to the ruling DUI party includes another element – which will profit the Rating PR agency.

The contracts are awarded by Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, for the organizing of an OSCE summit as Macedonia chairs the organization. The event is legitimate, and it will require a lot of work, as it will take place in the large Boris Trajkovski sports center in Skopje.

But the Ministry awarded the contract to a company owned by Eljmedin Ademi, nephew of former top DUI party official Abdulakim Ademi. His company is the frequent recipient of Government contracts, reports Alfa TV.
Additionally, Rating, a PR agency also close to DUI and the Government in general, will receive 100 thousand EUR for its services in organizing the summit.

Alfa TV reports that the Foreign Ministry requested eight million EUR in total for the costs linked to chairing OSCE. The Govenrment narrowed this down to 5 million EUR, which Osmani is now busy awarding to companies close to his DUI party. Almost half of this will go to organizing the conference.

Such spending was criticized in the past, as the Foreign Ministry has employees tasked with organizing large international events, and is not required to turn to private companies.