His stories, published on the Plus Info news portal for “Koki and Kiki”, became clearer after Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Milevski were detained. Both are charged with racketeering, and this is exactly what the journalist Branko Gerovski wrote in the texts. He told TV21 that more people are involved in whole affair. According to his estimates, at least five or six people took part in the entire scandal. As he says, the prosecution’s investigation should prove these doubts. However, he says that there are two persons in the racketeering group that are part of the SDSM. Gerovski says he would not like to name them or provide more details, because it would interfere the investigation.

There are things that are yet to be uncovered. The connections of the two suspects should be uncovered, with at least five or six people, according to my estimation. I think these links will lead to new grounded suspicions of other people’s involvement in this bomb racketeering in this million-dollar racket. I think the prosecution will come to a stage that it is a criminal association. And it’s not just a racketeering but also serious money laundering that involves many other people, Geroski said.

The Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption publicly revealed the case on Monday. Immediately afterwards, Bojan Jovanovski and businessman Zoran Milevski were arrested and then the court ordered 30 day detention for them. At the same time, the mobile phone of special prosecutor Katica Janeva was seized, who, before the press conference of the prosecution, decided to resign, but, as she stated, for other reasons. The prosecution says there are only two suspects at the moment, but that does not mean that the investigation will not be extended. For now, they say, all the information that appeared on certain portals is at the level of speculation, and only their statements are credible.