It’s a significant tribute to witness such a diverse and esteemed representation honoring St. Clement of Ohrid. The act of laying flowers at the monument in front of the National and University Library, led by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, signifies the deep respect and recognition for St. Clement’s contributions as a disciple of Cyril and Methodius, a patron saint of education and language, and the founder of the Ohrid Literary School.

The presence of government officials, including Deputy Justice Minister Viktorija Avramovska Madikj and Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Bekim Rexhepi, along with delegations from Parliament, the President’s Cabinet, the Army, and the Union of Fighters of the People’s Liberation War, underscores the reverence for St. Clement’s legacy.

The involvement of representatives from the diplomatic corps, various political parties, citizens’ associations, and the wider community in paying their respects further emphasizes the significance of St. Clement’s influence on spirituality and education.

The accompanying event titled “St. Clement of Ohrid, the Source of Our Spirituality and Education,” addressed by PM Kovachevski at the National and University Library, likely served as an opportunity to reflect on St. Clement’s teachings and impact on education and spirituality, fostering a deeper appreciation for his enduring legacy.