According to Deputy PM Grkovska, detrimental narratives, false information, and disinformation are spreading more extensively and deeply within society. She noted that these activities serve the interests of nations that have consistently opposed Macedonia throughout history. Grkovska highlighted the systematic rise of Euroscepticism and anti-West sentiments, emphasizing the potential far-reaching consequences on both the stability of their society and the broader region.

Expressing optimism, she conveyed her hope that the United States will maintain its alliance and friendship with Macedonia. Grkovska called for continued U.S. support in advancing democracy, upholding the rule of law, and establishing sustainable institutional capacities for growth and development.

Underscoring the significance of the partnership with the United States, she emphasized that without it, Macedonia would struggle to counteract the detrimental influences propagated by adversaries of freedom and democracy. Grkovska stressed the importance of this collaboration in preventing the infiltration of malign influences that could undermine the delicate fabric of their society.