The Bulgarian radical from VMRO-BND and MEP Angel Dzhambazki told President Stevo Pendarovski that in the past there were attempts to ban VMRO leaders from entering Macedonia and told him that the last such example was with the Yugoslav king Aleksandar Karađorđević! Dzhambazki announced that he will come to Skopje on February 4.

Asked if he recognized himself in the description of Pendarovski, who asked the Government to make a decision to ban the entry of the Bulgarian MEP, Dzhambazki replied that he recognized in that description every Bulgarian who represents the rights and interests of Bulgarians in Macedonia.

What does such a ban represent for us? Let me tell Stevo Pendarovski, called Stevo the Comintern, that in the past others tried to ban VMRO leaders from entering Macedonia, and the last such example was with the Yugoslav, Serbian king Aleksandar Karađorđević. If they try to ban me from entering Macedonia, let them look at history and learn from it,  Dzhambazki said last night in an interview with Bulgarian Nova TV.

When asked if he planned to come to Skopje on February 4 together with a larger group of people to mark the 151st anniversary of the birth of Goce Delcev, Dzhambazki confirmed.

I didn’t mean to go to Macedonia, I had other plans. But now, how can I refuse such a kind invitation, he said.