An investigation is being conducted in order to find out the omissions in the decision to grant citizenship to Olesandr Onishchenko, government spokesperson, Muhamed Hoxha said on Wednesday.

As I have already emphasized, the Government at its last session, which was held yesterday, made a decision to revoke the decision to grant Onishchenko Macedonian citizenship and at the same time instructed the Ministry of Interior to act immediately. Hence, we would like to further point out that an inspection or investigation is carried out within the institutions in order to find out the omissions in making that decision. We want to emphasize that we expect the investigation to be completed as soon as possible and the public will be promptly informed, Hoxha said at a press conference.

At Tuesday’s session, the government decided to immediately revoke the Macedonian citizenship of Onishchenko, who is on the black list of the United States and is wanted with a warrant in Ukraine.