While the citizens are collecting signatures for organizing a referendum against the digitalization of the textbooks, Carovska is persistent in her intentions not to give up the reform which envisages the abolition of textbooks. The students have become hostages of the business interests of Mila Carovska. When Carovska says reform, she means profit and filling her pocket from those self-proclaimed reforms. Dropping textbooks out of education is not a reform, but Talibanism, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

According to the party, the arrogant Minister Carovska defines the resistance to the imposed reform as a huge support and thus continues to disparage the citizens.

Carovska publicly says that the digitalization will be tested on the IV grade students without answering to the public how much this reform will cost. During her term in office, Carovska is convincingly one of the most unsuccessful ministers in the SDSM government and it is time for her to resign!, said the opposition party.