The next hearing in the “International Association” case continues today. The trial in this case is in the evidentiary procedure stage, ie presentation of material and verbal evidence proposed by the defense.

The course of today’s hearing will be determined by whether Judge Sofce Gavrilova Efremovska will allow Bojan Jovanovski’s USB, which contains conversations with Zoran Zaev, but also with other politicians such as Aleksandar Kiracoski, Stefan Bogoev, Natasa Petrovska and others, to be taken as evidence.

If allowed, it is possible that the mayors of Bitola and Karpos, Natasa Petrovska and Stefan Bogoev, will testify today. If not, Stojanka Micevska will testify.

Frosina Remenski, Hristina Blazeska, Mile Jovanovski, the father of Boki 13 and Jasna Mandic Ercegovic also stand accused in the case of “International Association”, founded by Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13, through which, according to the indictment, businessmen were deceived over the alleged construction of retirement homes.