In an interview with “Republika”, Lenin Jovanovski from “Sloboda Prevoz” talked about the relationship he had with Mayor Arsovska, with whom he was also friends.

Relations changed overnight the moment I stood up for the private bus transporters and defended their debt claims the very next day there was a strange attack with serious criminal qualifications. That closeness and communication were in a way betrayed or abused. We supported the mayor both before and after the elections in the hope that she would commit to fulfilling some of the promises she made to private bus transporters, for which she also received my personal support. However, everything changed after she sat on that chair and changed her opinion and concept for her further management from the position of mayor.

He says he doesn’t regret supporting her, but he feels cheated.

When it comes to a person who will know how to influence your trust and who promises you something and does not fulfill it, I can only be disappointed and possibly apologize if it means something to someone for the support I gave because I was manipulated in a perfidious way. I see that this is a completely different person than the one I thought I knew. We are no longer friends, you cannot stab your friend, insult him, or make him uncomfortable from the position of mayor. No one would have thought that such lies and manipulations would come from a high position entrusted to her.