Former Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos threatened Macedonia that the Greek army can conquer it “in 20 minutes” if it wanted.

We feel no threat. If our tanks decide to cross the border, they will get to the other side of Skopje, to Serbia. Skopje is a matter of 20 minutes, Kammenos said in a TV interview.

Greece has long blocked Macedonia from joining NATO and the European Union citing a nationalist threat from Macedonia toward the northern Greek regions which have a significant, oppressed Macedonian minority. The threat claim cited by the much larger Greece was routinely dismissed by other countries, but Greece only agreed to lift the veto after the current Macedonian Government renamed the country and agreed to allow that Macedonian national identity is redefined.

Kammenos was opposed to the Prespa treaty, but did not withdraw from the Greek Government until much of it was put in place. He accused his coalition partner and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of lying to him about the Prespa treaty, telling him that it would be postponed until March.