In 20 days from today, the National Security Agency will have a new director. Yesterday, the Government held a closed session in which the director informed about the case of obtaining Macedonian citizenship of the Ukrainian Olesandar Onishchenko. I am not able to give you more information because the session was closed. There was an announcement from the government regarding the decision to revoke citizenship, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski pointed out today at the Parliament’s Q&A session.

Kovacevski was answering a question from MP Antonio Milososki from VMRO-DPMNE, who asked him if in these five months since he was prime minister, he knew about Onishchenko, that is, if the director of NSA Dimovski had informed him.

After the prime minister did not directly answer the question, MP Milososki said that Kovacevsky had to be informed that Onishchenko had been granted citizenship, pointing out that he is the fourth on the US blacklist, named as an intelligence agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Onishchenko, according to Miloshoski, has established connections in the country since Zoran Zaev was the prime minister in order to bring gas. As he said, Kovacevski knew that, but he must not say otherwise.