The deserter who refused to defend his country, and is now prime minister, falsely accuses and misinforms.
At the head of the state we have a man who does not stand up to what he says and RUNS AWAY from facing the consequences of his baseless and tendentious accusations, claims Dragan Kovacki from VMRO-DPMNE.

Namely, some time ago I filed a lawsuit against Kovacevski, due to the fabricated lies and incorrect qualifications expressed by him against me in an attempt to defend himself due to his actions that neither I nor anyone from VMRO-DPMNE forced him to (he escaped from the army in 2001 – and that is a fact even now, and it will be a fact even after 10 years).
I filed the lawsuit because Kovacevski publicly accused me of:

1. being a snitch,
2. stealing documents from ARM,
3. revealing information and
4. trading information with foreign structures.

Kovacevski also said that “NATO didn’t like snitches”, which publicly confirmed everything I mentioned above, that his security services had already sent him to Brussels with the purpose of defamation.
And now, instead of appearing before the Court and defending his claims, Kovacevski just like in 2001 when he escaped and hid behind his father (mayor) with false diagnoses, this time he escaped from the Court and hid behind IMMUNITY.

Citizens of Macedonia, we have a prime minister who utters the vilest lies and gravest accusations, for which after you call him to repeat them and confirm them with evidence, he RUNS AWAY and HIDES behind IMMUNITY.

Is it possible that the head of the Government of the NATO member Macedonia, has such a labile character and changeable behavior and that he runs away again when he is held accountable?
Kovacevski, with this response to the lawsuit in which he invokes immunity, ADMITS that he LIED when he accused me and qualified me negatively.

However, he is afraid to appear before the Court, because the Court will find out that he lied and slandered. Therefore, his PR advisers and lawyers figured out that they would have an easier time dealing with public criticism if he invoked immunity, said Kovacki in his post on Facebook, adding that Macedonia is led by a person who is a negative example for everyone else and whom everyone should be ashamed of.