At the annual conference of VMRO-DPMNE’s Union of Women, its president, Blagica Lasovska said that there should be no dilemmas that Macedonia as a people, an idea, as a free-mindedness, fought the strongest opponent for the past 15 months, with a political elite and civilization towards which we strive to join, and perhaps that’s why this dilemma still hurts.

It should not be mistaken that we had the chances to fight against these forces that through their vassals in the Macedonian government implemented their regional Balkan ideas with a global taste. Unfortunately or fortunately, the battle for identity is not over, because one cannot erase a nation with a pen, the identity is deeply rooted and will overcome these injustices. However, the Macedonian citizens, the ethnic Macedonians, no matter how illogical this sounds like in a national state, are facing bitter attempts to preserve their identity as Macedonians because the current authorities will not help them in that battle.

She noted that she expects a catastrophic situation in which every official who will use only Macedonia without adding North in front of it will be sanctioned.