Macedonia is not in a feminine form coincidentally, we all grew up with songs, folk dances, folklore about people dying, marring for Macedonia, dreaming of Macedonia. And politics is a feminine noun, sometimes to catch the attention of my students, I try to tell them in a dramatic way them that politics was once the art of the possible, and regarding marriage I say to be honest because it is a community worth living for, it is the art of the impossible, VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said Sunday at 18th annual conference of VMRO-DPMNE’s Union of Women.

And usually, when I bring gifts to weddings, and I often write it in books, I say that it’s worth to try the first and especially the second art. I was in politics once and I thought it was not my world, but politics began to shape our lives, and when we talk about good politics, then we have a good life, but things happened where instead of art of the possible they showed that politics could be in some way, taken, stolen and occupied by a small part of people, stressed Siljanovska.

She added that politics should not be in the hands of a few and that it must not be only one-sided with no criticism.

I often say that by protecting the opposition politicians protect themselves, because democracy is a game. Unfortunately, in the Balkans, things happen that I might name “Caesarism”, “Bonapartism,” “oligarchy”. In the Republic of Macedonia, for matters that no one has the right to decide alone, several people in Macedonia are deciding, she said.