The members of the Macedonian team in the Joint Multidisciplinary and Expert Commission for Historical and Educational Issues react with disappointment to the incorrect informing of the public about the topics that are the subject of discussion in the Commission’s work.

Despite the clearly expressed views and attitudes of the co-chair from the Macedonian team given to the journalists on November 25 after the 22nd meeting, in the past three days information has been placed in certain media spreading falsehoods that the Commission is solving the church issue of the MOC-OA, that it discusses theological and church issues, dogmas, and canons, or that it determines whose OA is.

The Macedonian team in the joint historical commission points out that the subject of the commission’s work is the issues of the presentation of the history of OA in history textbooks for primary education in both countries, its role and significance for Christianity and Slavic literacy and literature, not church and theological issues or determining the status of MOC-OA or, again, its definition in a national sense,