VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski repeated his call to Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to resign. The Ministry is bedeviled by a series of avoidable deaths, including of children and infants and collapse of faith in the vaccination process due to several antics by Filipce himself.

All the citizens are paying the price for the incompetence, lack of care and irresponsibility of Prime Minister Zaev and Minister Filipce. The public no longer trusts our healthcare and the chaos in this department is costing us lives. They care more about diverting the public procurement money than about the citizens. Filipce must resign now, Mickoski said in a video message which also calls for early general elections.

The video shows news reports about young patients who died from avoidable complications and negligence, including the death of a young man after a routine knee surgery, and the death of a child from measles. The measles epidemic hit the healthcare system especially hard, after several blunders by Filipce gave the public reasons to doubt that the vaccines being used in Macedonia are safe.

Mickoski also details a number of suspicious public procurement contracts signed by Filipce and his staff with companies close to him personally and to his SDSM party.

Видео спот

Здравството е пред колапс. Неспособноста, негрижата и неодгoворноста на министерот Филипче и премиерот Заев ја плаќаат граѓаните. Граѓаните ја изгубија довербата. Состојбите од ден на ден стануваат се полоши. Хаосот во здравството чини човечки животи. Граѓаните не можат да дојдат до лекови. Тендерите им се поважни од граѓаните. Понижувања на медицинските работници. Оставка веднаш. Промени и избори на кои народот ќе одлучува.

Gepostet von Hristijan Mickoski am Samstag, 9. Februar 2019