The election date for the following year is getting closer, and given the nation’s financial situation, it’s a good thing that they will be held simultaneously. For Kovachevski to finally grasp reality, he required encouragement from Ali, Bujar, and Arben. Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of the VMRO-DPMNE, stated on Friday, “I welcome that decision from the coalition partners in the Government, and I assume a decision on the date will follow quickly in the coming days.”

The opposition leader went on to say that VMRO-DPMNE has proposed May 8 as the date for both the second round of the presidential election and the legislative elections to be held simultaneously. The first round of the presidential election would, in accordance with their suggestion, take place on April 24.
However, Mickoski stated, “We think April 14 and March 31 would be good dates for the presidential and parliamentary elections if we have early elections.”