Kovachevski had four weeks to choose between our offers, but from today they are off the table, and there is only one option left – early general elections, Hristijan Mickoski, VMRO-DPMNE leader informed in an interview with Kanal 5 on Thursday. He also said that not only the Government and the opposition are not negotiating, but they have never been so far from negotiations as in this moment.

“Our position is clear, we play with an open guard. The two options I offered at the leadership meeting are off the table as of this moment, and from today on Kovachevski has only option on the table – early general elections”, Mickoski said.

According to him, a 61 MP majority is possible for the party, while coalition with DUI, especially with this leadership, is the last option because you never say impossible in politics, as Mickoski explained.

Asked why does he calls the Bulgarian demands a diktat, he said that everything, any condition imposed is a diktat. Macedonia won’t accept, he was adamant, any more imposed solutions, “just one more concession” – we did for 30 years, now it is enough, Macedonia is looking for partners who will respect it. he reiterated that his party will not vote for the constitutional amendments under the Bulgarian diktat.

On the question if he could guarantee that a future VMRO-DPMNE government will start the EU negotiations, despite not accepting the constitutional amendments, he said that no one can do that, because the situation with the corruption, the judicial system,education, health system is catastrophic, and that keeps the country very far from starting the negotiations.

“But, I can guarantee that a future VMRO-DPMNE government won’t allow for the textbooks for the students to arrive at the end  of the school year, but at the beginning, I can promise that patients won’t die in the hospitals’ hallways because they haven’t received the treatment they deserve, that we will have an infrastructural boom and realization of projects never seen before, I can promise a better economy than now, rule of law, that we will fight the crime and the corruption, and I can promise that I will fight to protect the interests of my people and of Macedonia. These are the conditions that a VMRO-DPMNE government and I are ready to accept for EU negotiations”, Mickoski said.