The Government does not want to adopt the law on public prosecution, SDSM wants to stall the process. They do not want to come to an agreement because they want to implement legal violence in the fight with political opponents. I’m not optimistic, I’m convinced they don’t want a deal, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in an interview with MIA.

Regarding claims that it is VMRO-DPMNE that does not want the see the law passed, Mickoski says he would like to know what those allegations are based on, stressing that they have no intention of legitimizing lawlessness or making compromises with the law.

But everyone who has broken the law and embarrassed oneself before the citizens, we have said, we have repeated on several occasions very loud and clear that one has to be held accountable, says Mickoski.

In the interview he points out that after the last leaders’ meeting there was no official communication at the level of party presidents between him and SDSM president and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and that at the moment the positions of the two negotiating parties are very different.

Our positions are very different at the moment. Our position is the processes and unconditional compliance with the laws and the Constitution. Their position is individuals, people who have served Zaev throughout this process, he says, adding that he expects working groups to meet these days.

Asked whether there will be a new meeting with Zaev on the PPO law, Mickoski says that leaders’ meeting is possible if the positions of the two sides are brought closer.

When we see that the working groups have brought their positions closer, we could organize a leaders’ meeting and see if we can come to an agreement, said the VMRO-DPMNE leader.