This is a joint fight we are waging, not a fight for the Macedonians, but for the Macedonians and Albanians together, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during his rally in Kicevo this evening.

VMRO is running a candidate in Kicevo, which is considered a fief for the DUI party, and is contested between Albanian and Macedonian voters.

We fight together against the corrupt Government, against the bandits from the government, who believe they have the Albanian vote and the Macedonian vote in their pocket. Their intention is to bribe voters, to intimidate, to abuse the institutions and to keep their power. But it won’t work this time, after the people vote for number 7 in the local elections, a new Government will follow, and I promise that they will face the punishment for everything that happened, Mickoski said.