Today in Ohrid I had the pleasure to talk with the current and I firmly believe, the future President of the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia needs people who will protect the interests and will of the citizens, and who will be uncompromising fighters for the letter of the law and the rule of law. And that at a time when justice is attacked by injustice and when the government is trampling on the will of the people, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski on Facebook.

This is a battle of our generation, of those who entered politics not to get something, but to give the best. Sitting aside is no longer an option, as well as silent observation of the ruin in our society. We all have the ability and obligation to influence before it’s really too late. Let’s leave the differences, let’s unite, oppose, win. Macedonia needs honorable people and people who know the way. We will mobilize the best of our country, will give everyone a helping hand, because our goal is an honorable and strong Macedonia!, he added.