I visited the Monastery of the Holy Mother of God in Sveti Nikole. The people are disappointed, broken, demanding an exit from the abyss and the injustices brought about by the government. They say villages and towns are being emptied, that life came only for the people in power, and hell for the others. We have become a place where criminals pretend to be successful businessmen, and real successful businessmen live in fear every day and are just waiting for the figure for a new racket to be asked by the government. We see that Racket does not stop, there is also Racket 2 where the ruling set wanted to take over companies, blackmailing, ruthlessly stealing. It must end and demand accountability. And responsibility will come when there is true justice. My and our struggle is for Macedonia’s renewal. Like the one we love and like our people have always deserved. Proud and upright, strong and advanced, VMRO DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski wrote on Facebook.