TV Alfa had the exclusive opportunity to talk with Dejan Davidovski, convicted of the April 27 events. He is currently in Sweden, an EU member state that has refused to extradite him, although Macedonia asked that with a warrant. The Swedish Supreme Court refused to extradite him, arguing that the offense did not correspond to terrorism, but according to their legislation, the offense was interpreted as people’s rebellion. Ljupco Cvetanovski spoke with Dejan Davidovski.

Dejan, how do you interpret the decision of the Swedish Supreme Court which refused to extradite you to Macedonia despite the warrant issued by the authorities in Skopje? Does Sweden call into question the current Macedonian justice system and rule of law?

DAVIDOVSKI: You know, we’re not talking about a third world country, but about Sweden, a member state of the European Union, a country with a centuries-old tradition. When such a country, which is synonymous with democracy and the rule of law, concludes political persecution and refuses extradition, the message is clear – the current Macedonia has a problem with the rule of law. In translation – Sweden said that we are not a legal state. And this not my case only, we have three more cases in two countries, Hungary and Greece, both EU and NATO members, which have refused to extradite Macedonian nationals because of political motives in the cases. The government’s propaganda machinery may well be lashing out at Greece and Hungary, though unrealistically, but no one can and should not open their mouths against Sweden, which is an example of justice and the rule of law worldwide. So the Supreme Court’s refusal to extradite me is a strong slap in the face for the Zaev’s junta. There is no clearer message about what is happening in Macedonia and about the defendants and convicts for the April 27 events!

From time distance of more than two years from the April 27 Parliament events, what do you think really happened? Do you think, from your current point of view, that you were part of a deliberate provocation to come to power in order to change the name?

DAVIDOVSKI: As true patriots, my intention and my brothers’ around me was completely sincere, we got carried away by the scandalous destruction of the state that was taking place before our eyes, the Tirana platform, the singing of the Albanian anthem, the formation of a government contrary to the people’s will. We did not go in to kill or injure anyone, the minor incidents were an individual act, but even the one caused by the actions of the then – Zaev’s junta. Obviously, we were abused, the provocation was deliberate and every normal person and patriot would react like we did, if they were there. From the present point of view – yes, our patriotism and love for Macedonia were abused, and we became collateral damage to a political game for someone like Zaev to justify his unconstitutional coming to power…

On the other hand, Dejan, did the more than the draconian sentences that the other 16 participants in the April 27 events received and the process itself “do the job”, was everything aimed at intimidating the Macedonian people not to protest about the events that followed?

DAVIDOVSKI: Definitely, it was the second abuse of the April 27 patriots. The arrests and the cruel fake process that took place in Macedonian courts, an act that was and will remain a historic shame for the Macedonian judiciary and the rule of law, were for one and only purpose. They were afraid of a sharp reaction by the Macedonian people against the non-national acts, and we were the scarecrow. We have served as a clear threat to anyone who wants to protest, the intimidation of every honorable Macedonian who wanted to stand in the way of destroying the state. Unfortunately, they succeeded, after us there was no or very weak protest, the people, seeing our fate, were frightened and hid in their homes. So, Zaev and the company changed the name of the name, the constitution, adopted bilingualism, change history without any problem. They use us to set an example  – what would happen if you stopped on their way and if you loved Macedonia the way it was…

16 participants in the Parliament events were sentenced to staggering 211 years in prison! How do you feel about those now serving 7 to 18 years in prison for their involvement in the Parliament events?

DAVIDOVSKI: I feel and share their pain, here in Sweden, and I’m very grateful to it for the respect of the law, but I’m not home yet. I can only imagine how my brothers feel locked up with murderers, racketeers, and all kinds of criminals – whom, on the other hand, are more honorable then Zaev and his people and pay the state for the crimes they committed. But I do not feel sorry for the brothers, because I know that they do not feel sorry too, because I know that they are men, Macedonians and that they are doing this for Macedonia. Like them, I know that this absurdity will end once, and the end of their ruling is near. The fact is that the clock is ticking the finish and the shameful end of this non-national and anti-Macedonian government.

Dejan, do you feel like a TERRORIST?!

DAVIDOVSKI: If patriotism, loving your country and being willing to give everything for it is terrorism, then someone has misunderstood the term. The terrorists, unfortunately, are in government. I am not talking about the Albanians, but those of the Zaev’s team, who falsely declare themselves Macedonians and who in the second decade of the 21st century committed unprecedented terror on their own people. They are the real terrorists, who forcefully imprisoned their citizens, terrorized them in trials and handed them draconian, illogical prison sentences. Those in communism, their ancestors, were fairer. These Zaev terrorists changed the name of the country violently and without approval and changed the constitution with terror and blackmail. They are the TERRORISTS, not us…

Do you miss your family, what is it like to be so separated from your loved ones so long?

DAVIDOVSKI: I can’t describe it in words. I pray, God forbid, no one in the future would have to experience what is now happening to me and to the brothers who rot in the prisons. Such suffering while being innocent is a terrible thing. This government, besides being anti-national, opportunistic and Machiavellian, is utterly heartless. God sees еверѕтхинг, and as a believer, I strongly believe in justice.

Do you think you will ever return to Macedonia?

DAVIDOVSKI: In this kind of Macedonia, no matter how much I love it and for which I would do anything for her again, I would not want to go back. Not in a country like this, this is a parody of what it once was, not just the name, the whole country was ripped apart with their nonsense. But after all, I’m optimistic that this can’t last forever, things will change and justice will prevail. For me and my imprisoned brothers, but also for all Macedonians. I miss Macedonia, not Zaev’s North, but our Macedonia.

Finally, what do you think about the current events in the country?

DAVIDOVSKI: I love Macedonia and the people of Macedonia and I miss them very much, you have no idea how beautiful state and how wonderful people we have, it is best seen when I experienced as I did experienced it. But I would tell everyone, loud and clear, that it is time to unite. Uniting all who love the country, uniting against this junta that destroys and robs our homeland in all possible fields. We’ve had it enough people, enough of divisions, we boycotted and each of us has proven in our own way who loves Macedonia more. Unite under one banner, whatever it is, to overthrow this non-national and genocidal government once and for all, created with a factory error on April 27. Long live Macedonia!